here you can get to know me

My name is Matej

You can call me Matt
I’ve been blogging since 2016, besides studying history and freelancing as a web designer. When I’m not doing all that I spend most of my time in self-doubt and procrastinating. Recently I decided to push myself even further by expanding my areas of blogging. I’m used to blogging about menswear and style but sometimes I think my content is bullcrap.
Fashion was always a giant part of my life. I grew up amog women (with my mom, sister and grandma) and they always gave me advice on what to wear, which pieces to pair together, and through them I started loving everything about fashion and style. As I grew older I realised that I took a strong interest in menswear. I had a lot of “blog” variations from tumblr – where I uploaded collages outfits. My work on my blog didn’t go unoticed soon after I started bloging I gave an interview for SNL.ba (which is a Bosnian menswear and lifestyle portal.)
Not soon after that I won a price in a blog contest which was hosted by a Bosnian telecommunications company m:tel.
My style went through a lot of changes but I wish to setteling down to a certain aesthetic whom is mainly inspired by 80’s rock and a bit by Yves Saint Laurent.
So I think I said it all, feel free to follow me on social media, DM if you feel bored or need some style advice or use the contact form down below.