This business casual outfit is the perfect outfit for Fall'19

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am.
After a very very long time it's finally here - a new outfit post.

Also a small disclaimer: I'm sorry if the gallery is a lil' bit buggy.

Tuzla's summer was just a bummer, most of the time it was just raining, and when it came time for it to be sunny - the heat was melting and burning everything that found itself on the streets.
With that in mind, when September came around, it brought us some nice cool temperatures and perfect pre-fall weather conditions. Honestly I am enjoying every single bit of it - so far.

I unintentionally came up the perfect outfit for the pre-fall or the transition period from summer to fall.
This fishbone patterned blazer was in my closet for about a year or so, and this is the first time I'm wearing it. I color-paired it with a corduroy cap, and with suede shoes. Black khakis as pants - can never go wrong that, and a black tee - which could be replaced by a turtleneck, classic shirt or a sweater.

So, how in the hell is this the perfect fall outfit?

I'm glad you asked, here's how I'm lookin' at this:
It's versatile - you can wear any kind of "top" underneath the blazer or instead of the shoes you could pair it with some brown suede chelsea boots or some sneakers. If you could find an appropriate pair of jeans, it could work - That means that you can wear it  to work, class, casual walk, lunch meeting.... Any type of occasion where you are expected or required  to dress up (just a lil')
You can style it up with your favorite accessories (handkerchief, brooch, collar pin, etc - I only went in for a watch, a ring, and a bag for minimalism's sake!
If it gets cold or rainy you can layer up and add an overcoat on top - that will make you look hella stylish!
Also, if you are allergic to suede or khaki you can always play up with patterns, corduroy pants would also look great, knit, and cotton.

This is my reasoning, I'm going to mix and match with the stuff said above.

How do you like the outfit? Let me know in the comments below!