A casual walk around Sarajevo

a casual outfit - the young fashionista
So recently I visited Sarajevo for a few days. If you follow me on my Instagram, I noted on a few posts that I made some photos for my blog and Instagram. Just to have enough content for about a month, because I have a few exams at the end of August and I need to focus on my studies.

Sarajevo has always been one of my favorite cities to visit. Usually, I'd visit Sarajevo when it's fashion week. And most of the times I would have had a very stressful stay. I'd freak about my outfit for the night, the people I'd meet, etc. Which, in the end, would result in me having a bad/meh type of time.

But enough about me and my struggles. Now let me tell you something about this outfit that I am wearing. As you can see I am wearing a white polo with an embroidery patch, paired with some shorts that kind of have the same color as the flowers from the patch. Embroidered clothing has been a trend the past few seasons and I think this patch looks really well on my polo shirt. Polo shirts are a classic menswear piece of clothing who should be in every men's closet. For the footwear, for this outfit, I picked a pair of loafers.
a casual outfit - the young fashionista

a casual outfit - the young fashionista

a casual outfit - the young fashionista

 Now I see that this outfit isn't the best that I can pull out. It is very experimental and the color choice could've been better.  I would add a woven belt, preferably the same color as the loafers, to the outfit just to give it something to correlate to the loafers. Or I could ditch the shorts and instead wear some plain white trousers.
a casual outfit - the young fashionista

What do you think about this outfit? What would you change about it? Do you love it, do you hate it? Let me know in the comments down below.

What I am wearing?
Polo: Kik
Patch: eBay / you can check out the patch by clicking here
Shorts: bought in a thrift store (but come from Gemo)
Loafers: ASOS